Building an American Dream

What causes the owners of a successful home building business to grow facial hair, open a bike shop, and start building custom vintage motorcycle parts? Maybe it was the realization that although you’re born with nothing and you leave with nothing, you can at least build something damned cool while you’re here. Or maybe it was the belief that pure paradise is as simple as the roar of a big v-twin engine and an open stretch of American highway.

Whatever the reasons, serious riders everywhere are grateful. Because today, Legends is building some of the most unique and eye-catching vintage motorcycle parts in the world—and making those same custom, made in the U.S.A parts available to anyone who loves the open road as much as they do.


Capturing the Spirit of the American Motorcycle

Visit our new, larger location, at 1715 West 500 South, Springville, UT 84663. We have a lot more square footage featuring the classiest bikes around, an old time barber shop, and an art gallery.

Legends Motorcycles was born when homebuilder Rick Salisbury decided to turn his main hobby and lifelong passion for vintage motorcycles into a full-time business. In 1999, Rick purchased the historic, century-old Packard Brothers general store on Main Street in Springville, Utah, which at the time housed a run-down sign shop. Rick gutted the building; added a 2,000 square foot workshop, paint booth, and fabrication area out back; and restored the original structure into a vintage showroom for his collection of bikes and motorcycle art.

Since the shop opened, Legends has steadily earned a reputation for high-end motorcycle parts that capture and reflect Rick’s love of vintage 1940’s and 1950’s era motorcycles. Legends offers a complete line of handcrafted parts that can make any new motorcycle look like a vintage work of art—while still taking full advantage of the latest technology.

Although every Legends part has earned high marks for quality and style, Legends hit the mainstream when Rick invented the Legends Sliding Tour Pack in 2006. This totally unique luggage system, designed specifically for Harley Davidson touring motorcycles, sits on an adjustable rail system that allows the tour pack to slide forward to give solo riders a seat back—or slide back to create a comfortable backrest for passengers. The Sliding Tour Pack has become Legend’s signature product, and it embodies the innovation, care, and attention to detail that go into every Legends part and custom bike.

Today, Legends Motorcycles is dedicated to helping serious riders create custom vintage bikes they can be proud of—by making handcrafted vintage parts available to anyone who wants to turn their factory bike into a true classic.


Superior Quality—without Compromise and without Exception

What should you expect when you invest in a motorcycle part created at Legends? We promise that every part we sell embodies the craftsmanship and experience that comes from building parts from the ground up. Every design we create reflects the passion that comes from loving vintage motorcycles as much as you do.

And every handcrafted piece offers a level of quality you simply won’t find anywhere else..