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Rick Salisbury’s personal love of collecting has amassed over 200 vintage motorcycles, mounds of one-of-a-kind memorabilia, a rare trophy collection, and original art by world renowned motorcycle-centric artists such as David Uhl, Scott Jacobs, Tom Fritz, and Bronze sculptor Jeff Decker.

Legends’ upper viewing gallery houses Salisbury’s crown jewel, a completely unrestored 1907 Harley-Davidson Strap Tank. One of only three 1907 Strap Tanks in existence, Salisbury’s is the only bike that survived with its original paint, engine, frame and tires.

The 1907 Strap Tank is flanked on its right with a 1905 Single (officially the world’s oldest Harley-Davidson) and to its left by a rare 1909 Single-Police (which served in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Police Department).

Salisbury’s collection also includes other rarities: the oldest unrestored Indian motorcycle – a 1903 Camel Back; his 1916 Excelsior, which Salisbury rode cross-country in the 2016 Cannonball; and a truly incomparable bike, a Feilbach “Limited” – the last bike that was built using leftover parts which remained after the bankrupted Feilbach Motor Co. shuttered its manufacturing factory in 1914.

The unique architecture and design of the sprawling 20,000 sq. ft. museum is itself a work of art, thanks to Salisbury’s meticulous attention to detail and artist’s vision. “I didn’t want the building to have a warehouse feel… I wanted the building to be a feature along with the bikes to tie it all in and give an entire experience,” says Salisbury.

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Our goal is to provide a unique space for you to commemmorate, inspire, and celebrate life’s greatest moments, surrounded by irreplaceable history and impeccable taste.

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Trust us – when we say we’ve seen it all, that’s exactly what we mean. There is not an engine problem that we can’t fix here at Legends.

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