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Painter, Fabricator, Designer

Picture a nine-year-old Steve… who describes himself then as “a hot head who was into hot rods… not at all interested in girls, just hot rods, motocross, go-carts and dirt bikes.” Steve laughs as he recalls that all his friends were cowboys – he was the odd kid out at that time. So to say that he has been designing, painting and fabricating his whole life is not an overstatement.

Steve grew up in his family’s collision shop and spent countless hours learning from hard work and hands on experience. He painted his first Hot Rod for his Dad at age eleven and had built his first Hot Rod by the time he was fourteen and still too young to drive it… legally.

He began working with Rick Salisbury at Legends Vintage Motorcycles on June 21st, 2007. Steve’s job is to take everything from start to finish – building, customizing, fabricating and finally painting.

Steve helped design and custom build the architecturally amazing building that houses Legends Motorcycle Museum. He has also built, restored and custom painted several motorcycles and cars for Legends. Favorites include the famed StrapTank Hot Rod Milk Truck, a 1938 Ford Truck he named “Barney”, and a 1926 Henderson Motorcycle named “The Black Bitch”. He is currently restoring a 1965 GTO.


Master Technician, Fabricator, Welder

When asked to describe the nine-year-old Kyle, he smiles and says, “picture a kid covered in dirt and grease who was always taking things apart, obsessed with motorcycles and building things.” Somehow the picture he paints is vivid as we watch “Rose,” as he is nick-named, dressed in grease splattered shop attire, answering questions while soldering a taillight on a 1927 Henderson Motorcycle.

Most of Rose’s expertise he says was not learned in school, but on the job…as a young kid doing grunt-work in his Dad’s Sheet Metal Company, to Machine Fabrication Shop Foreman, all the way up to Harley-Davidson Master Technician for Timpanogos Harley-Davidson in Orem, Utah. Kyle received his Harley-Davidson Certification at The Motorcycle Mechanic Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

What makes Rose the perfect fit for Legends Motorcycles, besides specializing in sheet metal construction, precision fabrication, Tig welding and mechanics, he believes is a good attitude and positive outlook. “Working on antique motorcycles, 1920’s and earlier, means you have to be creative and have an imagination. If I can’t find a part I make it. I can fit a square peg into a round hole and can usually get things done that others can’t,” he says.

In 2016, Kyle rode a 1916 Excelsior Motorcycle on his first Cannonball Run. He received a perfect score in 2018 in his second Cannonball Run riding a 1927 Henderson Motorcycle.


Parts & Service Manager

A custom shop that services every type of motorcycle you can imagine (literally) would not be possible without an exemplary Parts and Service Department that handles intake, researching parts, billable hours, inventory, ordering and receiving… all things behind the scenes that make the whole experience work like the well-oiled machine we service.

Heading up our Legends Parts & Service Department is Travis Cordova, hand-picked because of his experience, knowledge and attention to detail. “We are not your typical Harley shop,” explains Cordova. “This is the only place you can go drop your bike off, get something good to eat, have a beer and walk around a museum with hundreds of bikes and original art work. Nothing here feels corporate and everything we do is about making the customer happy. Nobody can do custom like we can.”

Travis brings his years of experience from Bikers World, Zion, Vegas, and Timpanogos Harley-Davidson to the Legends Motorcycles team. Guaranteeing customers a smooth process, from intake to pick-up and everything in between.

When asked about the nine-year-old Travis, he describes himself as a gangly little kid, who was saving his birthday money and doing extra chores so he could save up enough to buy his first motorized vehicle. Too young for a motorcycle, he settled on a Go-Ped that he decked out with a pipe, bigger spindle and cool tires. Not a far cry from where we find him today.


Parts & Service

For “Fluff”, a great day at work means that every customer leaves happy. He approaches customer service with special attention to detail, integrity and honesty ensuring that our customers have a top-notch experience from start to finish and everything in between.

Fluff describes himself at nine-years-old as “just your regular happy kid, who liked making people happy and making them laugh. Making people happy… makes me happy.” He liked going fast, and playing cops and robbers, the combination makes it easy to see how he landed in Customer Service. Fluff served as an Orem Police Officer for 20 years before taking his service driven attitude into the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle world. He worked at Timpanogos Harley-Davidson for 13 years and tried his hand in other sales before being handpicked to become part of the Legends Motorcycles Parts and Service team.

Fluff also insists that his nickname has nothing to do with the fact that once upon a time he weighed in at 330 pounds… that makes us laugh.


Certified Master Technician

Brad describes himself at 9 years old as an athletic kid who loved riding his Huffy pedal bike everywhere, popping wheelies, scraping elbows and breaking arms. Sounds an awful lot like the quiet, no-nonsense guy who shows up to work on his restored 2006 Dyno Street Bike.

Brad says his favorite thing about working at Legends Motorcycles as opposed to his time at other large dealerships is the no-drama atmosphere and a boss like Rick Salisbury who is always approachable and appreciates hard work.

Brad is an incredible asset to Legends Motorcycles as a Specialty Twin-Cam Certified Master Technician. He graduated from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute as an eighteen-year-old. His years of expertise and experience include South Valley Harley-Davidson, Monarch/Timpanogos Harley-Davidson, Service Manager, Zion Harley-Davidson and Blackball.

For Brad, work and play is the same thing. He loves MOPAR muscle cars and spends his free time working on bikes and restoring a 1968 Road Runner, that was previously owned by his grandfather, playing with his dogs, a 10 year old Pit bull named Sadie who is blind and his Old English Bulldog named Lexie, who serves as her guide.


Harley-Davidson Certified Technician

When Landon, a new graduate of The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Arizona answered a help wanted ad on KSL, he never dreamed it would put him on the fast track to success. Most Harley-Davidson service departments won’t even let you touch a Harley or work on any serious motors until you’ve done your “time,” so-to-speak. Not at Legends Motorcycles – Landon’s beginning was the exact opposite, on his first day he was pointed to a completely disassembled motorcycle and told to put it back together. Landon, who was handed an unprecedented opportunity could have cowered, but instead rose to the occasion. He now has more expertise than technicians with far more years under their belt. Landon has a passion for vintage bikes and enjoys the challenge they present (most the time). “Vintage bikes are terrible to work on,” Landon quips. “Something is always breaking and it is difficult if not impossible to find parts. It’s a lot more challenging but we are lucky and have Rose, so if we can’t find it, he makes it for us.” He smiles, as he tweaks on a 1995 Evo Top End.

In September 2018 Landon rode in with the Legends Motorcycle Team in his very first Cannonball Run where he received a perfect points and a perfect 3,764 mile.


Restoration, Custom Painter

Full bio coming shortly!


Security, Grounds Patrol

Frank is a lively full-bred Rottweiler who heads up Security and Grounds Patrol for the Legends Motorcycle compound. He loves playing fetch with his blue ball, destroying 2×6 pieces of scrap wood, stealing Sidecar red napkins if you’re not paying attention, and (somewhat ironically) has a strong aversion to anything with wheels. Frank did, however, cross-country as part of the Legends Motorcycles support crew in the 2018 Cannonball Race.

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